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The Internet Education Foundation (IEF) is an entrepreneurial non-profit at the heart of Internet policy in Washington. For 20 years IEF has been the most trusted voice in Internet policy in Washington. Other IEF projects include the Congressional Internet Caucus Academy, the State of the Net Conference Series, the Congressional App Challenge, the Internet Law & Policy Foundry, and the Decentralized Future Council. IEF also serves as a fiscal sponsor for the Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens project and Trust & Safety Foundation.

Congressional Internet Caucus AcademyThe Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee is the most prominent and industrious educational program on Capitol Hill for Internet policy. Its mission is to harness the collective policy expertise of Internet stakeholders — public interest groups, trade associations, non-profits, and Internet companies. It’s a neutral platform where thought leaders debate important technology issues that shape legislative and administration policy in an open forum.

SOTN LogoThe State of the Net is America’s premier Internet policy conference series. It brings together Internet stakeholders in government and in the private sector to explore the potential of a decentralized global Internet to promote communications, commerce and democracy.

CAC LogoCongressional App Challenge promotes computer coding skills and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education by recognizing and incentivizing our nation’s young programming talent. We proudly serve as the official coordinator to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Congressional App Challenge.

decentralized future councilThe Decentralized Future Council is a new organization dedicated to advocacy and education for the emerging decentralized web and related technologies. The Council will raise awareness for the larger ecosystem of new technologies, from blockchain to cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Council will work to educate policymakers around new and upcoming challenges that correspond with these emerging technologies including privacy, security, democracy, online trust and safety, and more.

Foundry LogoThe Foundry is a collaborative environment for Internet law and policy professionals passionate about disruptive innovation. The Foundry is platform to express and to share your vision of technology along with professionals as geeky as you are. The Foundry will help you grow professionally and will offer a platform to debate, collaborate and conspire.

TSF Logo
The Trust & Safety Foundation works with the Trust & Safety Professional Association to support the global community of professionals who develop and enforce principles and policies that define acceptable behavior and content online. TSPA is a forum for professionals to connect with a network of peers, find resources for career development, and exchange best practices for navigating challenges unique to the profession.

Copyright Creativity logo
Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens provides free K-12 education resources for teaching what copyright and fair use mean for students as they consume, create, and publish creative work online. C&C’s in-class lesson plans, learning videos, and other resources were developed with input from independent educators, academic copyright experts, and online civil liberties advocates.