All State of the Net Audio and Videos Online Now!

We have just finished posting all of the audio and video from every panel and keynote at the 5th Annual State of the Net 2009 Conference. The videos and audio are next embedded within the agenda page on the Conference Web page.

Here are all the direct links to the keynote and panel audio and videos (Check below to learn how to subscribe to iTunes podcasts and YouTube videos – and how to become a “fan” on Facebook.):

State of the Net Conference, January 14, 2009, Washington, DC

9:00 am
What Does the Transition Mean for Internet Policy?
Blair Levin, Team Leader for the Technology, Innovation and Government Reform Working Group on the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team
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10:15 am
Comments and Perspectives on Internet Policy
* James Elles, Member, European Parliament
Video at
* Aneesh Paul Chopra, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia
Video at
* John Windhausen and Rick Cimerman Summarizing the Preconference Seminar: Strategies for Investing in and Benefiting from America’s Broadband Infrastructure
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11:30 am
Breakout Sessions

Making Online Personal Information More Anonymous: Will It Save Privacy?
MP3 Audio at

Future of ICANN and Internet Governance
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Top Tech Policy Bloggers on The State of the Net
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1:30 pm
Keynote Address
Featuring Josh Silverman, President, Skype with
The Honorable Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Co-Chair, Congressional Internet Caucus
Video at

2:15 pm
Breakout Sessions

Has the Internet Transmuted Electoral Politics and Policymaking?
MP3 Audio at

The Top Five Ways Congress Can Save Healthcare Through Technology
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Policy Issues Facing Cloud Computing
MP3 Audio

3:30 pm

Final Report of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force: Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies
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Digital Copyright: What’s Next?
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