2009 State of the Net West audio coverage now available

The audio recording of the 2009 State of the Net West Conference held on August 5, 2009 is now available. The 3rd annual conference, held in conjunction with the High Tech Law Institute of Santa Clara University, featured Aneesh Chopra, White House CTO and Representatives Boucher, Lofgren and Goodlatte. Visit the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee’s podcast page at http://www.netcaucus.org/audio.xml to download the four sessions or go to the State of the Net West Agenda pageĀ  at http://www.netcaucus.org/events/2009/sotnwest/agenda.shtml for more details. You can subscribe to all Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee podcasts in the Apple iTunes Store as well.

To see a sampling of media accounts of the Conference including local TV/radio along with press from the San Francisco Chronicle and Twitter posts visit http://www.netcaucus.org/events/2009/sotnwest/media.shtml

Conference sessions included:

“Broadband in America and Issues Before the House Commerce Committee”
Congressman Boucher discusses Broadband and Privacy at State of the Net West 2009 with Allen Hammond, Santa Clara University School of Law, and Michael Hintze, Microsoft Corporation.
Download MP3 at http://www.netcaucus.org/audio/2009/20090805boucher.mp3 (16.6 MB)

“Antitrust in the Internet Era”
Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren discusses Antitrust in the Internet Era at State of the Net West 2009 with Cathy Sandoval, Santa Clara University School of Law, Tim Bresnahan, Stanford University, and Michael Katz, University of California, Berkeley.
http://www.netcaucus.org/audio/2009/20090805lofgren.mp3 (21.0 MB)

White House Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra speaks at State of the Net West 2009 in Santa Clara California
http://www.netcaucus.org/audio/2009/20090805chopra.mp3 (11.2 MB)

“The Innovation Agenda”
Congressman Bob Goodlatte discusses Innovation and Immigration with AnnaLee Saxenian, University of California Berkeley, Keith Wolfe, Google, and Pratheepan (Deep) Gulasekaram, Santa Clara University School of Law
http://www.netcaucus.org/audio/2009/20090805goodlatte.mp3 (18.9 MB)