Announcing the Decentralized Future Council

New Organization Dedicated to Untangling Decentralized Technologies for Policymakers

Decentralized Future Council Logo

We are at a fork in the road when it comes to building an Internet that enhances trust, allows users to maintain their privacy, incentivizes entrepreneurs to build safe and secure systems, and allows historians to archive the world’s most cherished information. We are optimistic that policymakers and industry leaders can help shepherd the new iteration of the Internet in the interests of humanity. It is at this critical inflection point that we are excited to announce the launch of the Decentralized Future Council (DFC.)

The Decentralized Future Council is a new organization dedicated to advocacy and education for the emerging decentralized Web and related technologies. A project by both the Internet Education Foundation and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized (FFDW), the Council will raise awareness for the larger ecosystem of new technologies, from blockchain to cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Council will work to educate policymakers around new and upcoming challenges that correspond with these emerging technologies including privacy, security, democracy, online trust and safety, and more.

In the coming months, the Council will be building out platforms for policy engagement on decentralized Web issues. Upcoming events include:

  • Trust and Safety and the Decentralized Web (March 24, 2022):  A virtual seminar exploring potential trust and safety implications of Web3 technologies (In conjunction with the Trust & Safety Foundation).

  • The DWeb Policy Summit (April 2022): An in-person event in Washington, DC featuring Web3 thought leaders set to discuss the decentralized Web’s potential in policy areas. 

  • 1st Annual Decentralized Web Policy Forum (August 2022): An invite-only gathering in Jackson Hole bringing together key policymakers, DWeb stakeholders, and members of the press. The Summit will tackle broader policy issues related to the emerging decentralized Web.

Stay tuned for additional details on DFC initiatives and events. The Decentralized Future Council can be found at and on Twitter @dfuturecouncil.

The Decentralized Future Council (DFC) is a joint project between the Internet Education Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web.